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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Rabbit Fur Coat

Belated, I know. Last Thursday, Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley fame and her new-found friends the Watson Twins played Los Feliz's Vista Theatre (which actually is a movie theatre) in support of JL's solo project, Rabbit Fur Coat.

As usual, JL = hott. And, during the opening act, I had my brush with indie rock greatness when I walked by JL, who was hanging out at the back of the theatre, enjoying a Pacifico.

But what about the music, you ask? Quite a departure from the indie-pop of RK. Actually, it's got a country vibe, mixed with some gospel. Lots of simple, almost twangy guitar and soaring harmonies. To go with the country / gospel theme of the music, JL & the WT handed out "hymnals," presumably so you could sing along. Which might have happened if it weren't so dark in the Vista.

All in all, a great venue, a great show, one great singer.


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