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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When arrows don't penetrate, Cupid grabs the pistol

My name is Cupid Valentino. And in honor of Saint Valentine, a photo essay, as enacted by Spongebob Squarepants chocolate-flavored characters:

For me???

Who farted? Ah, Patrick!

Damn right - kiss it, Spongebob!

Inappropriate Valentine's touching
(But I think he likes it)

There's all this talk about/
Santa Claus/
But, Cupid will not be defeated.


  • Glad to see you put my valentine offerings to good use.

    What sketchiness! I approve!

    ... And a Happy Fuckin' Valentine's Day to you too, asshole!!!!!

    By Blogger diebenkorn, at 1:49 PM  

  • Pottymouth.

    By Blogger swimmerpie3331, at 2:12 PM  

  • You know what I think, I think it's Too Fuckin' Bad that you think I'm a pottymouth.

    Are you gonna run to mommy and tell on me?

    By Blogger diebenkorn, at 2:40 PM  

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