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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Party Shuffle

You know how as your music collection expands, you inevitably stop listening to some of your favorite old CD's? Well, thank God for iTunes 'Party Shuffle' functionality. I've been listening to my music collection on party shuffle recently, and it's forced me to re-discover just how awesome some bands are that I haven't listened to forever. Especially:
- Stone Temple Pilots
- Dispatch
- The Samples
- Phish (yes, I was a huge fan back in HS)

Anyway, on the subject of party shuffle, this is for a special someone out there who recently discovered the magic of iPod shuffle.

(And I'm so glad Apple called it "party" shuffle rather than just shuffle, because now I get to feel like I'm having a party every day at work rather than just procrastinating.)


  • Indeed, sir. The current next 16 artists in the shuffle...
    moldy peaches
    liz phair
    damien rice
    nellie mckay
    sun kil moon
    chuck prophet
    ani difranco
    the microphones
    wolf parade
    counting crows
    pat mcgee band
    fuel (do i really have this in my itunes?)
    damien rice (really? again?)
    the who
    wolf parade (uhh, another repeat?)
    the shins

    By Blogger Zeek, at 7:17 PM  

  • what the fuck is wrong with fuel?

    hemorrhage in my hands.


    By Blogger diebenkorn, at 11:31 PM  

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