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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our nation's capitol

I had intended to write a scathing review of my trip to Washington, D.C., immediately after I returned to sunnny LA... but work, more work, and life in general intervened and delayed my post. (Yes, I know that by definition, someone who blogs has no outside life, but occasionally, I do try to go outside and enjoy the real world. Occasionally.)

So, instead of breaking down my impressions of the city bit-by-bit, let me just say these two things:
- I stayed in Pentagon City, and I found out that the Pentagon is big - really frickin' big. So big that it scares me. What are all the military minions doing in there anyway? Everywhere you go, there are military types in fatigues and stuff, acting like normal people (I tried not to stare, lest I be electro-tasered as a suspicious character), and I just find that strange. The Pentagon does, however, make for good panoramic pictures:
- People in D.C. dress poorly. As my embedded correspondent put it:
It's nothing but navy blue bureaucrat suits and underpaid 22-year-olds who can't buy clothes that don't make them look like homeless people.

Nonetheless, I still had a great time drinking... I mean, "attending meetings," in the District.


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