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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Traffic school

Thanks to my no-good friends A. and S. who came out to visit in March, I got a speeding ticket near Buellton. (Honestly, it was their fault. It was certainly not my fault.)

Anyway, this being my first speeding ticket, I get to attend traffic school to remove the ticket from my record. Woohoo! Of course, I've been having fun taking the course. Here are some things that I've learned so far:

- Getting drunk is not a condition to be admired, laughed at, or taken lightly. Rude, destructive, or just plain foolish behavior triggered by alcohol use is socially unacceptable.
(But that's exactly why I like drinking!)
- This bill increases the duration of alcohol treatment programs after a first DUI conviction, where probation is granted from 6 months to 9 months and the required program activity hours from 45 hours to 60 hours when the blood alcohol content (BAC) is 20% or greater.
(I'm pretty sure you are clinically dead if your blood reaches 40 proof.)
- Throughout this course, the term "thumbprint" will be used to mean a thumbprint or finger print, if you have no thumbs.
(You're right - I shouldn't laugh at people with no thumbs. That's just plain mean)
- Sparky's favorite actor is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(They insert these anecdotes about Sparky just to see if you're actually reading. Sparky is going to be on the final test - no kidding)

And my favorite part? The name of my "traffic school" is Cheap Easy Online. Cheap Easy Online - that could be a dating site, too. Wish me luck on the final exam!

UPDATE: I passed. I'm so safe.


  • Sparky's favorite actor is Arnold, thanks for the info much appreciated!! TRUE FOR EVERYONE TAKING THAT TEST!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26 PM  

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