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Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Coachella homework: Mates of State

To my small but dedicated readership:

My next few posts will probably be pretty focused on the spring ritual known as Coachella.

My apologies,
Navin R.


Anyway, I'm trying to check out some new bands so that I can plan my itinerary at the festival. Today's assignment: Mates of State. Apparently, they are a husband and wife team from the Bay Area. I'm obligated to like them simply because they quit their jobs as cancer researchers to pursue music (their is hope for me yet!). And thankfully, their music is quite good: lots of keyboards and harmonizing vocals - this music just makes me happy.

Grade: Make an attempt to attend. Not quite a must see, but very interesting.

Regarding other Coachella news, I was pretty bummed today to find out that Hard-Fi just cancelled. A friend had just hooked me up with some tracks, and as soon as I had really started enjoying them, the lead singer has gone and contracted Ebola or something. A damn shame - I was going to award them "Must see" status.


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