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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Coachella 2006: A review in brief

Ah, the Coachella hangover, 2006 edition. It's taken me until today to even think about posting on this, given the fatigue from my annual trek into the desert.

Not that I'm asking for your sympathy (my parents certainly gave me none when I told them I was tired at work on Monday) - the festival was awesome: warm but not scorching heat, a slew of awesome acts, a coterie of international music fans, and a general lack of sunburn made for a great weekend.

If you weren't there, this is an amazingly complete run-down of the show. Honestly, I can't imagine how this guy saw all of those sets - I was knackered just from seeing about half of those acts.

But no matter how much I enjoyed Coachella '06, there are always the haters: this is definitely one of the worst reviews I've read - it's New York snobbery, looking down their noses at Cali, at its best.

My personal highlights:
- The Zutons: I was totally wrong about these guys - they rock, even if they are Brits.

- Jamie Lidell: I've written about this guy before, and he was every bit as incredible in the desert. He even added some theatrical perfomance art to the music. And he wore a raincoat, because it was sunny and 95 F.

- Daft Punk: All I've got to say about this act is summed up here.
- Ted Leo / Pharmacists: "Cigarettes and speed for living, sleeping pills to feel forgiven." A great set, even if I had to sit down in the middle of it. Plus, he looks vaguely like my friend Goose.

- Franz Ferdinand: Second time I've seen these guys, and they were perfect rocking out music for the vastness of the desert. Only 40' remain.
- Amadou & Mariam: Apparently, they are blind. I def. did not pick up on that during the show. Too busy dancing with all the afro-beat stoners, I suppose.
- Ladytron, My Morning Jacket, and The Scissor Sisters: A case of perfect timing - I only saw about 4 songs from each of these bands, but still managed to hear my personal favorite tunes from each of them.

My only real regret: missing the opportunity to perv on The Like. Well, that and staying at that sketchy motel.


  • oooh! tell me more about Ladytron... I've never had a chance to see them and I really wanna.

    And what was the most crazy thing you saw all weekend?

    By Blogger minijonb, at 3:38 PM  

  • Ladytron was solid; they sounded a lot like the albums, but since their music is pretty danceable to begin with, people were pretty into it. I was excited to hear them advise me to "sleep your way out of your hometown." Thanks for the tip, Ladytron! Is that how you got your record deal?

    Craziest thing I saw all weekend? Probably the pale, tall, emaciated man who was wearing nothing except green tighty-whiteys. What's so weird about that, you ask? He had a hot girl on each arm.

    By Blogger swimmerpie3331, at 10:59 AM  

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