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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tuesday's LA band you should know: Helen Stellar

For Tuesday, the random LA band that I think you should know about is (drum roll, please)... Helen Stellar.
You can give them a listen here. For starters, I love the song "Panic attack at breakfast." The lyrics accurately describe the roller-coaster of emotional that I've seen in some of my own friends as they alternate between a paralyzing crisis of confidence and joyful fearlessness. "Diane" from the Below Radar EP is also a great track.

In general, I think they described themselves pretty well on their own website:
HELEN STELLaR has laid claim to a brave and beautiful sonic niche combining the best elements of space-aged electronica and legendary rock 'n' roll.

Brave and beautiful. Strong words. I'm not normally a huge "shoegaze" fan, but if this is shoegaze, then count me in. I'll be the one at the show checking out your battered Chuck Taylor's.

And in the vein of coincidental run-ins, I've also had a random brush with Helen Stellar. I was already a big fan, thanks to the "I'm naut what I seem" EP, and so I was buying their first EP (The Newton EP) at Amoeba. The clerk at the counter says to me, "You do realize that Helen Stellar's lead singer just walked right behind you?" No, I did not realize, though I should have recognized Jim Evens' distinctive haircut. I definitely should have taken that opportunity to get an autograph on my EP, because I would like it if someone asked me for an autograph, but I didn't. For shame, Navin. That autographed EP would have been worth dollars when HS hits it big.

And hit it big they just might, with their new double album coming out May 16 on Cameron Crowe's label Vinyl Films. Jump on the bandwagon while you still can.


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