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Friday, June 23, 2006

Skype me!

Despite my prejudice against the Luxemburgish, those people have finally proved themselves good for something: Skype.

I'm by no means computer illiterate, but I'm certainly not a computer wizard either. And yet I was able to install Skype, grab a random 16,500 won microphone, and make a call back to the States within minutes. And now I can keep in touch with back home for the low, low price of 2.5 cents/minute.

This doesn't come as news to the computer guys out there that have been taking advantage of Skype for a while, but I'm still awed. Freakin' amazing. Nice work, Luxembourg!


  • What will those crazy Luxembourgers do next? =;-)

    By Blogger minijonb, at 6:57 PM  

  • I'm directing Maud to your website as we speak. Prepare to meet the wrath of a scorned Luxembourger.....
    Be aware that they also have a tennis player that put Andy Roddick out the US open and that they have the highest consumption of booze per capita in europe ;P

    By Anonymous S. K., at 4:55 PM  

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