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Friday, March 17, 2006

A spot of 3rd month insanity

That's right, basketball fans... today is one of the two best days of the year: the round of 64. 32 games, some heart-stopping (please don't foul that dude behind the 3-point line, UNC-Wilmington), some heart-wrenching (why couldn't you beat Indiana, putting me in first place in my pool, San Diego State?), and some just downright boring (OK, we get it, UCLA, you're good. But did you have to go and crush Belmont? How about a little suspense?)

But two things about this year's tourney really jumped out at got my attention:
- David Pak of Utah State is a convicted rapist. Yes, that's right, he served 8 years in prison for rape (which explains why he is a 29-year old college senior). Wow. Would you want to play against this guy? He learned how to play ball in prison (where they probably don't call fouls real tight). Obviously, it's great that he's moved on from his mistakes and everything, but personally, I would not foul this guy hard, just in case his boys on the inside were watching on TV.

Also, how did he break it to his now wife that he once raped someone? And you thought that incident in high school where you put HCl in your chem teacher's coffee was hard to explain.

- Unintential Comedy: One of CBS' announcers this morning called this guy "Marcellas Wallace." Was he trying to say that Marcellas "looks like a bitch?" Someone has watched Pulp Fiction too many times. At last sighting, Ohio State was "trying to fuck him like a bitch."

And just remember, from the Sports Guy:
We've all made the joke about how the least likely person always ends up winning your office pool -- a secretary, a temp with 36D's, a janitor with a 12-letter first name -- mainly because it's true.


  • Nice Pulp Fiction reference there... how about this one: "Iowa's dead, baby. Iowa's dead"

    And my beloved Spartans of Michigan State failed at the first hurdle this year. Now I have to root for all the underdogs for the rest of March.

    By Blogger minijonb, at 9:44 PM  

  • Tell me about it. As a Kansas fan, I've been part of the first-round upsets for two years in a row.

    F'in' Jayhawks.

    By Blogger swimmerpie3331, at 9:56 PM  

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