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Monday, March 20, 2006

Studs - 20.46 and 20.60 sec

Pop Quiz!
These two bald dudes, Sully (left) and Triebe are:
a) splashing around before getting down to some water aerobics
b) about to go all Brokeback on one another (I think Triebe is gonna slip him the tongue), or
c) celebrating the first ever national title for the WU Bears.

The correct answer is, of course, B. Wait... no, the correct answer is C. One-two in the 50 freestyle at D3 Nationals - who woulda thunk it when these two were skinny, callow freshmen? Congrats to them and BKSwim and all the other Bear swimmers.


  • Still falls short of my 20.3 seconds in the 50 Free back in the day. Still glad I hung up my speedo for the cross country spikes. I'll break 23 minutes in a 5K one day I swear!

    By Blogger Zeek, at 8:21 AM  

  • Zeek - Perhaps you don't remember, since you were never all that excited about swimming, but you only went a 20.8 back in high school.

    Good luck breaking the 23-minute barrier! It's almost like the 4-minute mile barrier, except really, really slow.

    By Blogger swimmerpie3331, at 11:09 AM  

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